Fiber Cement Siding Problems

Various Kinds of Fiber Cement Siding Problems

Fiber cement is good one to make the strong home construction until fifty years warranty. The blending of cement and sand will cover the home wall exterior. The fiber cement is so favorite alternative to the traditional wood siding or vinyl because of the strength and durability. In addition, the fiber cement also can be resistance to termites, rot and fire. Besides that, there are some fiber cement siding problems besides its benefits of fiber cement siding. You have to know the problems faced by fiber cement siding in order to understand the best one in making the beautiful home.

certainteed fiber cement siding problems

You can see that the fiber cement will contain with the asbestos where it is a link which make the relation between lung cancer and inhalation fiber. The fiber cement siding problems is so harmful when the fiber is released with the damage and siding remove. So, the disadvantages fiber cement should be removed by professional contractor abatement. The fiber cement is difficult to clean using the pressure wash and tools abrasive.

The other fiber cement siding problems come from the silica dust. It is shown that the fiber cement with combination the silica sand and little amount wood will give the silica dust through the air. The substance is so hazardous for health and it can be the respiratory problems leading and other illness. The cement siding will be cut away to minimize the silica. Besides that, the cement board problems are difficult to install. The problems are difficult to cut the planks while construction. Meanwhile, the wood and vinyl are easy to cut using hand, but the fiber cement should use the special saws for cutting it.

Besides that, the fiber cement also will be heavy one siding. It is different from the wood and vinyl siding. The installation of fiber cement needs more intensive labor where it needs the installers to hang and carry fiber cement. Furthermore, the fiber cement siding problems is moisture where the home which is using the fiber cement to cause the moisture problems.

Fiber Cement Siding Pictures

Fiber Cement Siding problems

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fiber cement siding moisture problems

Fiber Cement Siding Pictures

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The fiber cement will be more porous and it can absorb the water through the edges should be cut when installation begins. The other fiber cement siding problems will be the poor provider thermal resistance. The cold and hot air will penetrate the fiber cement easily. The inability in transmission of block sound through wall will make the noise from street will go through into home.

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