Living Room Style Guide

Living Room Styles and Designs

When you are looking for living room style and design, it is better if you are following this living room style guide to give you the image of what kind of model or design or style of living room fits the concept of your house and how should you discuss the design with the expert.

Modern Style Living Room

We will start the living room style guide with modern style. Modern style has the character of neutral color and asymmetrical shapes. You could use the white and neutral tone on your color to get the smooth and polished design. The second is romantic. This design has the character of pastel color with light fabrics. Velvet and silk are a must for pillows and add crystal or silver accent to emphasize the romantic feeling. This is very good for living room style ideas if you have the romantic and modern concept for your house. Modern Style Living Room Style Guide

Contemporary Living Room

The next of the living room style guide is contemporary. This style’s character is to have the neutral elements with bold color and clean and rounded lines. Use rug to emphasize it. If you want to have the midcentury modern style, you need the natural shapes with ample windows, open floor plans with popular Eames chair, for example. If you are more to eclectic style which mix many styles, you could combine the accessories and designs here. It is slightly different from transitional style, where traditional and contemporary mixed. Here, you should keep the neutral color but use the sophisticated furniture. Contemporary Living Room Style
The Asian style for the living room style guide in your living room style ideas has the characteristic of Asian elements such as bamboo, tatami, or using feng shui in your space. This emphasizes the oriental looks in your living room. You could also try the Mediterranean style where the details have the colorful ornate furniture. Use the color to represent the sea and sky to emphasize the Mediterranean feels here.

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