Free Standing Patio Cover Designs: DIY Steps

Building Free Standing Patio Cover

Installing free standing patio cover designs will enhance the beauty of your patio. There are some reasonable purposes to build free standing patio cover. For the very major reason, patio cover is built to give shade to your patio. It will be much comforting to spend your time in patio during the day. The patio cover helps protect you from the direct sunlight. Besides, the patio cover is also helpful to protect the furniture of your patio from the weather. Furthermore, it can also keep your patio clean from falling leaves or acorns. Those are numerous benefits of patio cover.
free standing patio cover

How to build free standing patio cover

Nowadays, free standing patio cover designs are various. Even sometimes you can request your own design of patio cover. Now, we are not going to talk about each design of patio cover. We are going to talk about how to build free standing patio cover. The following steps are do-it-yourself steps so that you can practice it at home. Choosing the design and concept of your patio cover is the first thing before building the patio cover. You can get the inspiration from catalogues or do a little browsing. When you have decided patio cover design plan, start to build.
Free Standing Patio Cover Designs: DIY Steps

Patio cover design plan

To begin with, measure your free standing patio cover designs. An ideal patio should extend beyond the patio. It is aimed at giving maximum protection and sufficient shade to the patio. After measuring the patio cover, continue with gathering the supplies and materials you need for the cover. For instance, when you choose wooden patio cover, prepare electric saw and electric drill. You may also need post whole digger, tape measure, concrete pyramid based and nails. The materials can be adjusted with your needs and design of your patio cover. The most complicated your design, the more tools you need.
patio cover design plan

Building patio designs cannot be done by you. You will need assistant from other people. It requires minimum two people to build the patio cover. Then, you can contact your friend or neighbor to help you. When everything is ready, continue with digging four holes at the corners of your patio. Adjust the whole size with pyramid base. Place the pyramid bases in the holes. After that, build the frame with your desired size. Place the frame at the top of the post and secure with nails. When the frame is well-installed, your free standing patio cover designs are done.

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